Modern corporate banking invariably offers a broad spectrum of superior financial solutions for corporate clients. Combining efficiency and an innovative approach …

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) provide the foundation for all contemporary economies in the world. Many banks talk about the pressing need …

We are aware that, given the conservative approach to public debt, it has become a necessity to use non-budgetary financing for municipal investment projects …

We offer easy access to finance, a minimum of formalities, simply procedures and the ability to negotiate rates.

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About us

Polski Bank Przedsiębiorczości Spółka Akcyjna (abbreviated to “PBP Bank S.A.”) has been established to bring new quality to the Polish market of banking services for businesses. PBP Bank S.A. combines a wealth of experience in the international financial services market with a thorough knowledge of Polish realities. We focus on the relationship-based (not transaction-based) model of co-operation with clients, and we aim to build long-term client relationships.

Information about deadlines for payment orders execution

Deadlines for payment orders execution of Polski Bank Przedsiębiorczości S.A. in the period from December 24th to December 31th, 2013. Deadlines for Payment Instructions execution

PBP Bank Exchange Rates

Table A - Exchange rates on 2014-04-23, 08:43

Country Currency Buy Sell
Czechy 1 CZK 0.1481 0.1573
Dania 1 DKK 0.5448 0.5785
EURO 1 EUR 4.0655 4.3170
Japonia 100 JPY 2.8661 3.0434
Meksyk 1 MXN 0.2251 0.2391
Norwegia 1 NOK 0.4918 0.5223
Rosja 1 RUB 0.0825 0.0876
Rumunia 1 RON 0.9117 0.9681
Szwajcaria 1 CHF 3.3285 3.5344
Szwecja 1 SEK 0.4470 0.4746
Turcja 1 TRY 1.3732 1.4582
USA 1 USD 2.9401 3.1219
Węgry 100 HUF 1.3263 1.4083
Wielka Brytania 1 GBP 4.9461 5.2520

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